VLEAD’s Four Major Completed Activities

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  1. Exploration of Private Cloud Software:
    • Under the guidance of VLEAD engineers, Summer interns explored the possibility of builing a private cloud using Erlang, a general-purpose concurrent, garbage-collected functional programming language and runtime system.(Please check this blog post on erlStack for details about the exploration.)
  2. Hosting of a Few Labs on Commercial Cloud:
    VLEAD has tried to understand the Amazon Web Services (AWS) in greater detail in the past few months. Following is a brief summary of Amazon’s offering.
    • Cloning of a local VM to Amazon is not possible; also Amazon does not allow uploading any local image, especially Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating systems.
    • The team has also discovered that it is not possible for an account to be split or shared by sub-accounts such that a sub-account has access only to a given set of VMs.
    • It is not possible to create any resource limit for a sub-account. (You may also check Virtual Labs on Cloud post for a short update on VLEAD’s Amazon hosting.)
  3. Upgrading Data Center Infrastructure
  4. Content Review of Labs
    VLEAD team has undertaken the task of doing a preliminary review of the content of the hosted labs. To start with, the labs from IIIT-H are being reviewed, for an internal record.