Monsoon 2014 Internship: A Report

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VLEAD engineers mentored fifteen interns from various engineering colleges of the country from mid May to mid July 2014. Most of the interns were from IIIT-Hyderabad, many from NITs of Rourkela, Durgapur, Raipur and Jaipur, and a few from local private engineering colleges of Hyderabad. These students were selected based on their interests, performance in a written test, and a face to face interview with VLEAD engineers. Please check their page at:Interns 2014

The interns were mentored to design and implement various back-end modules and also a UI module for the ongoing virtual labs project. Here is a summarised list of their work:

  1. Logging server: A centralized logging server for auto-deployment tool of virtual labs.
  2. One VM Per Lab architecture (OVPL): Refining and developing various sub modules and adapters for the proposed OVPL architecture .To learn more about OVPL Architecture check this internal documentation at: and the blog post: Architecture of the virtual labs hosting system .
  3. Automatic deployment of virtual labs on cloud: APIs in python for automatic deployment of Virtual Labs on cloud, for OpenStack and Eucalyptus architectures.
  4. Performance and Testing framework: A framework for web page optimisation of Virtual labs.
  5. Modules for Security framework: Modules to shield virtual labs from security issues.
  6. Web 2.0 compliant labs: Sample Web 2.0 compliant labs which will work with all browsers as well as Akaash and Android tablets, built using JavaScript & HTML 5 technologies.
  7. Virtual labs on pen drive: As per MHRD’s request, ISO image of representative Virtual labs made available on a pen drive. For more info check this post: Virtual Labs on Portable Media
  8. Dashboard: A dashboard for back end services.

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