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We are HIRING again!

VLEAD is looking for-

Linux Server Administrator, Technical Architect & Project Engineers.

. Please find the postings at:

Mail your resumes to with a one-page write-up about your most important project. You may also directly send your resumes to Ms. Geeta Bose, Program Manager VLEAD, at

- 25 August 2014


( Old Job Advertisement dated July 2013

With us you have a rare opportunity to contribute ingeniously to a noble cause of education; an opportunity to work on a National Mission project making Engineering and Science labs reachable to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, specially students!

Full-time Engineering positions

  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Web Developer

Full-time Design positions

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Animators

Part-time positions

If you want to work in any of the above areas but are available only part time, we might be able to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement.


Being housed in an academic institution, we actively look for and support Interns in all of the above areas.

Qualifications and desired skills for the various positions

  • Software Engineer

The candidate should have a BTech/MTech in any discipline, preferably CS. He/ She needs to have a demonstrably strong background in Programming and Software Engineering.

  • Systems Engineer

The candidate should have a BTech/MTech in any discipline, preferably CS. He/ She should have sound knowledge in Systems (Linux or Windows), Design and Automation.

  • Web Developer

A working knowledge of Javascript, CSS, and HTML5 is manadtory. Prior hands-on experience in setting up a Web Server and developing PHP and/or Ruby On Rails solutions is highly desirable. Experience using jQuery or any other JavaScript library would be a value-add.

  • UI/ UX Designer

We are looking for candidates with a desire to create novel and exceptionally distinct user experience for solutions that will be delivered over the Web. The candidates must have a fairly good knowledge of a few Web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The desirable candidates should be aware of Responsive Design techniques for the Web. A knowledge of creating stunning user interfaces for Android Mobile phones and tablets is highly desirable.

  • Animator

We are looking for candidates with a desire to create appealing animations for educational content. The candidate must have a good understanding of the HTML5-based animation techniques. Experience in using Adobe suite of tools is desirable. The candidate must also have an ability to create logos and icons for various solutions that we build.

Additional attributes

Enthusiastic, self-driven and highly motivated

Ability to take up an ill-defined problem, and deliver something substantial about it

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Being very comfortable in writing technical reports, memos and other documents. The person should enjoy working within a group.


Experience with the use of FOSS technologies and appreciative of the FOSS philosophy.


Willing to cheerfully attend to critical tasks at odd times.


Salary will be competitive and commensurate with the candidate’s qualifications, experience and skills.


Achieve the elusive
work-life balance
with these
attractive perks

Pollution-free green campus of IIIT Hyderabad Opportunity to attend institute’s classes (contingent upon instructor permission) and other academic events (seminars and workshops) Free access to campus infrastructure such as wi-fi, library, playgrounds, badminton courts, etc Opportunity to explore new technologies and open source tools of your interest Travel opportunities to different parts of the country for attending conferences, conducting workshops Official visits to various IITs Work from home options More leaves compared to software companies

Application Procedure

  • Resume
Please send us a PDF or a url.
  • Referees
We are interested in the opinion of anyone willing to comment upon your skills and abilities. Please include names of at least one referee in your application.
  • Projects
Please include links, if you have them, to any projects that you have contributed or continue to contribute. This would be a big plus for considering you.
  • Coding and/or writing samples
Please include (as links), if you have them, any samples of code, documentation or technical reports that you have written.
  • Email
Please email to with your name along with “Internship” or “Job” on the subject line.


Qualifications may be relaxed for exceptional applicants.
Depending on the need and the skill set, the person recruited will be placed at an appropriate level of seniority.

.... )