Institute Integration Coordinators (IICs) first meeting in IIIT-Hyderabad

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The Minutes Of Meeting: IICs meeting at IIIT-Hyderabad

The Virtual Labs project’s phase-2′s first nationwide Institute Integration Coordinators (IICs) meeting was held on 8th August 2014, in IIIT-Hyderabad.



  1. Prof. Santosh Biswas, IIC, IIT Guwahati,
  2. Prof. Rahul Swarup Sharma, IIC, Dayalbagh Univ
  3. Prof. Raghu Reddy IIC, IIIT Hyderabad
  4. Prof. M P Tahiliani, IIC, NITK Surathkal
  5. Prof. Shyam Diwakar, IIC Amrita Univ (through Skype)
  6. Prof. Suresh Bhalla, IIC IIT Delhi
  7. Prof. S U Ghumbre, IIC COE Pune
  8. Prof. Vinod Kumar, IIC IIT Roorkee (through phone)
  9. Prof. K V Gangadharan, PIC, NIT Surathkal
  10. Prof. C S Kumar, PIC, IIT Kharagpur
  11. Prof. Suresh Purini, DNC, CSE, IIIT Hyderabad
  12. Prof. U Pruthviraj NITK Surathkal
  13. Mr. Sushanth Poojary IIT Bombay
  14. Prof. Venkatesh Choppella, NIC, IIIT Hyderabad

Meeting Agenda

The agenda of the meeting was to introduce the Integration process, plan and schedule Integration work, and discuss current issues involved in Integration of the MHRD sponsored Virtual Labs project.

Welcome Address

Prof.Venkatesh Choppella , National Institute Coordinator (NIC) of Virtual Labs Project and Associate Professor, IIIT-H, who also heads the efforts of VLEAD team, welcomed the newly appointed Institute Integration Coordinators (IICs) and other attendees to the meeting. He recapped the overall objectives of Phase 2, and presented an overview of the integration process, plans and schedules, and roles and responsibilities of each institute.


During the discussion session, several IICs raised issues about challenges in hiring, concerns in opening up source codes and the intensive work involved in the porting of some source codes to open source platforms.


The members agreed upon the following points of action:

  1. Hiring: Each Institute Integration Coordinator (IIC) will immediately initiate a process of hiring of integration and maintenance engineers. VLEAD will circulate a draft advertisement for integration engineers for this purpose.
  2. Identification of Labs: Each IIC will work with the PICs and DNCs to identify the list of labs that will need to be integrated. (The number of labs to be integrated by each institute is given in the Phase 2 DPR.)
  3. Source Collection: Each IIC will coordinate the collection of sources and their sharing on a repository. The specific details of the repository and the process for repository creation will be made available by VLEAD at the earliest.
  4. Communication Channels: VLEAD will set up different communication channels (IRC, mailing lists, forums, wikis, and repositories) to facilitate the free flow of information amongst Virtual Lab developers and engineers.
  5. First Integration Workshop: VLEAD will conduct the first workshop for integration engineers during September 16-20. The objective of the workshop is to train integration engineers in the integration process. Each participating institute will depute one or two experienced engineers for the workshop. These engineers are expected to conduct a similar workshop at their respective institutes upon return.

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