A new set of 25 Virtual Labs on Portable Media

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2014-09-30 ISO Image of 25 bootable Virtual Labs Pen-Drive Released!

Download the ISO and follow the instructions to make a bootable pen-drive*

VLEAD has created an ISO image of 25 Virtual Labs. Users can download this image to create a bootable pen-drive following the instructions. The drive contains the labs listed below. These labs can be run locally by simply plugging this pen-drive into a computer.

VLEAD has chosen 25 labs from across various disciplines to run on portable media. These labs have experiments that use non-proprietary software.

  1. Computer Science and Engineering
    • Data Structures (IIIT-H)
    • Computer Programming (IIIT-H)
    • Problem Solving (IIIT-H)
    • Speech Signal Processing (IIIT-H)
    • Cryptography (IIIT-H)
    • Computer Organization and Architecture (IIT-Kgp)
  2. Electrical Engineering
    • Electrical Machines (COE Pune)
    • Sensors Modeling & Simulation (COE Pune)
    • Virtual Power Lab (Dayalbagh)
  3. Chemical Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering (IIT-B)
  4. Mechanical Engineering
    • Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics (IIIT-H)
    • Fab Lab (COE Pune)
    • Vibrations and Acoustics (COE Pune)
  5. Civil Engineering
    • Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (IIIT-H)
    • Traffic Engineering (IIT-B)
  6. Physical Sciences
    • Virtual Astrophysics Lab (IIT-Kgp)
    • Virtual Microwave Lab (Dayalbagh)
  7. Chemical Sciences
    • Colloid and Surface Chemistry (IIIT-H)
    • Quantum Chemistry (IIIT-H)
    • Circular Dichronism Spectroscopy (IIIT-H)
    • Molecular Absorption Spectroscopy (IIIT-H)
  8. Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering
    • Biomedical and Signal processing Laboratory (COEP)
    • Bioreactor Modelling and Simulation lab (IIT-D)
  9. Electronics and Communications Engineering
    • Digital Logic Design (IIIT-H)
    • Engineering Electro Magnetics lab (IIT-D)

Now you may run Virtual Labs on your desktops and on your laptops even in the absence of any internet connection!