A Five Day Workshop for Integration Engineers (IEs)

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A Five Day Workshop from 16 Sep to 20 Sep., 2014 in VLEAD Labs

VLEAD is conducting a 5 day workshop for the Integration Engineers(IEs) of the Virtual Labs project in IIIT-Hyderabad. The workshop spans from 16th September 2014 to 20th September 2014. VLEAD engineers will train Integration Engineers (IEs) of all the twelve institutes of the Virtual Labs project who will be participating in this workshop.


The objective of the 5 day workshop is to train the Integration Engineers in the integration process and gear them for the phase 2 of the Virtual Labs project.

Around twenty five engineers from the twelve participating institutes will be taking part in the workshop. On completing the training the engineers are expected to conduct a similar workshop for their team members, back in their home institutes.

Agenda and Daily Schedule


Day 01 : Introduction to GitHub

This session will be about Github basics, and creating and maintaining repositories. Also later in the day there will be an introduction to OpenVz and its installation.

Day 02: What it takes to Deploy a Lab?

This session will be about OVPL architecture for lab deployment which has been ingeniously designed and implemented by VLEAD engineers.

Day 03: Security & Performance

This session will be on Web App security and tools to be used. The day will also have a session on performance and web page optimisation for virtual lab pages.

Day 04: Lab Deployment on Board

This day will be dedicated for a hands on session in deploying the virtual labs. The participants will also be shown how to integrate security scripts and performance scripts with the labs.

Day 05: Standardizing Labs as per UI toolkit

The first half of the day will be a discussion on standardisizing the labs as per UI toolkit 1.0 by porting unstructured labs if any to their structured UI version 1.0. The second half of the day which will also be the last session of the workshop will be for a QA session and interaction of IEs with the VLEAD team.

Overall Take Away

The overall take away would be:

  1. Learn how to make lab auto-deploy-able (learning how to make the lab spec)
  2. Restructure labs as per UI Toolkit 1.0
  3. Learn how to optimize labs for performance
  4. Learn to avoid well known security vulnerabilities.

For more details please check these 2 links on Github:

https://github.com/Virtual-Labs/Events-Meetings/blob/master/integration-engineers-workshop.org (Day wise session break up)
https://github.com/Virtual-Labs/Events-Meetings/blob/master/workshop-workflow (workshop workflow)